Getting to grips with the explosive demand for quality veneers

One system, every indicationWe’ve talked before about the increasing importance placed on veneers, and the explosive demand for veneers in recent years.

A patient today isn’t just looking for a healthy and functional restorative solution: They also want an aesthetically pleasing result. All-ceramic veneers, being both biocompatible and aesthetically pleasing, are rapidly growing in popularity.

IPS e.max allows you to offer patients exceptionally beautiful restorations which also demonstrate high mechanical strength. The wide range of possibilities of this innovative all-ceramic system opens up increased opportunities for patient care options.

For single teeth in the anterior and posterior regions, Lithium disilicate (LS2) is the material of choice, exhibiting exceptional aesthetic properties.

IPS e.max ZirCAD, zirconium oxide ceramic, is the material for larger restorations such as posterior bridges that are exposed to high masticatory forces.

As you may know, the system comprises a single veneering ceramic and, irrespective of the framework material used, all IPS e.max restorations demonstrate the same wear properties and surface gloss.

Therefore, the same aesthetic appearance is achieved throughout the different parts of the restoration. In addition, IPS e.max crowns and bridges can be placed using not only adhesive but also self-adhesive and conventional methods.

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Image courtesy of: Gregory Szarkiewicz

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