Periodontitis and systemic conditions – An imperative discussion

In my commitment to discussing the horizons of dentistry, I’ve got an overview of periodontitis associated with systemic conditions.

It should not need to be said, as much as it should be said, that patients affected by periodontal disease with underlying systemic factors should be informed about the significance of the systemic condition to the periodontal disease process.

They should also be told of the periodontal disease process, including therapeutic alternatives, potential complications, expected results, and their responsibilities in treatment.

It’s of great importance to advise the patient of the consequences of failure to treat periodontitis appropriately.

They should be told that this can result in progressive loss of periodontal supporting tissues, an adverse change in prognosis, tooth loss, and compromise of the dentition.

Of course, in the practice you would have to outline this in ‘layman’s’ terms, to make sure your patient is totally clear on the risks of systemic conditions.

Having been properly and fully advised your patient should be able to make informed decisions with regard to periodontal therapy.

A number of systemic factors are capable of affecting the periodontium and/or treatment of periodontal disease, and should particularly suspected in patients who exhibit periodontal inflammation or destruction which appears disproportionate to the local irritants.

You, the clinician, should be aware of systemic conditions and/or drugs that may be significant to periodontal diseases and of the steps necessary to evaluate them.

Your planning for periodontal therapy may then be modified according to the current medical status of the patients.

You should also bear in mind that periodontal organisms may be the source of infections elsewhere in the body and that those infections may also affect systemic health.

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