Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers And Smile Makeovers

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dental veneers

dental veneers

Dental veneers are used to change the look of the smile by reshaping the teeth and helping to realign the bite. Most people will suffer at least some type of problem with their shape, length, color, alignment, or general structure once in their lives. There are a few other alternatives to using dental veneers, such as braces and dentures, however, dental veneers are usually much more convenient and aesthetically appealing than any other option.

Stained Teeth And Dental Veneers

If you’ve got stained teeth, dental veneers are an excellent fix, especially if you are unable to obtain success from traditional whitening techniques. People who have crooked teeth are often recommended to get braces. However, braces can be very expensive and may even take years to fix your teeth depending on how quickly they move and the severity of the crookedness. A lot of people refer to dental veneers as “instant orthodontic” because it takes no more than a couple of visits to accomplish the appearance of the perfect smile. In some cases, a dentist may be able to fix the smile in one visit.

As time progresses, it’s normal for teeth to become stained in color, cracked, and decayed. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with great teeth. Much of what happens to a person’s teeth is preventable. The only downside is that not a lot of people think about how important it is to care for the health of their teeth until it is too late. There are typically two different types of dental veneers – porcelain and composite. Since dental veneers can get quite expensive, not everyone can afford porcelain veneers. Composite veneers are not as translucent like natural teeth and have a much lower initial cost. Over time, however, composite veneers may end up costing much more due to their tendency to wear and come off the tooth. Most dentists recommend porcelain veneers over composite veneers because although their initial cost is higher, they last longer, look more natural, and end up saving you money in the long run.

Dental Veneers Decision Time

Before making the decision to get dental veneers, you must first visit your dentist to make sure you are a good candidate for them. Not all dentists will recommend that you get dental veneers because they are a permanent decision. Furthermore, not all dentists do the same work. For best results, it’s recommended to shop around for dentists who have a good history of satisfied patients. This may require that you do some research to check for complaints and potential accidents.

Most dentists will try to exhaust all other options before placing dental veneers on your teeth. One of the reasons is because you will be required to have the surface of your tooth shaved and shaped in order to fit the veneer. After you’ve gotten your dental veneers, you will always have to replace them. Porcelain veneers last anywhere from five to ten years, while composite veneers last no more than one or two years. In order for a person to be completely happy with themselves, they must be satisfied with their smile. A healthy smile can change your entire appearance for the better. People who need a lot of dental work done are barely recognizable after they’ve gotten their dental veneers and if maintained, an attractive smile can last a lifetime.

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