“During the past twenty-five years patient expectations have changed considerably” Veneers and you

Patients are more likely than ever to request veneers in the practice

It was once good enough for teeth to merely be healthy and functional, but during the past twenty-five years patient expectations have changed considerably.

With the increasing popularity and availability of veneers, aesthetics now play an important part in the choice of dental restoration.

No longer are veneers restricted to the entertainment industry, as they were for the fifty years following their invention. Today they are sought after, and well within the financial reach of almost every patient who enters a dental clinic.

Veneers are now seen in the smiles of people from every walk of life. From teachers to lorry-drivers, business executives to postmen; all are now part of the ever-expanding number for whom dental aesthetics plays an important part in their daily lives.

The choice of ceramic or composite-resin veneers is basic to the patient evaluation protocol. Each has its own unique indications and contra-indications, advantages and disadvantages.

The first part of the decision process made by the dental practitioner must be to select the option that provides the best, the most satisfying outcome for their patient.

The second part of the decision process, equally as important as the first, is the selection of a reliable dental laboratory that utilizes state of the art materials, equipment and procedures.

Many of today’s dental practitioners know that by combining the quality of IPS e.max with the expertise of Biterite, they can have the very best outcome.

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