I want to ask you a question: Are all zirconias the same?

I would like you to consider the following question: Are all zirconias the same?

Ceramic restorations in the posterior region were once limited to single units. CAD/CAM technology made it possible to prepare restorations out of high-strength ceramics.

With zirconia, clinicians can now place multi-unit restorations in both the anterior and posterior regions.

This is due in part to the high flexural strength and fracture toughness of zirconia.

Zirconia materials from different manufacturers, however, may be processed differently and have varying levels of stability.

Not all manufacturers, for example, have completed adequate in vitro and in vivo clinical studies.

Final restoration quality is directly dependent on careful and accurate control of the manufacturing process and thorough testing to substantiate material reliability.

You may now be asking, what can be different?

Here is a list of just a few things that may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

1. Processing parameters for pre-sintered zirconia affect performance attributes.

2. Differences in the zirconia powder affect the strength/long-term stability and translucency of the restoration.

3. The pressing condition and pressing method affect the marginal fit, strength and translucency of the restoration.

4. Pre-sintering conditions affect the strength of the pre-sintered material and its millability.

5. Colouring of the zirconia can affect the marginal fit, strength and translucency of the material.


You, the clinician, should be mindful of what zirconia product you are receiving for the final restorations.

Settling for a zirconia that is ‘just like the zirconia you asked for’ shouldn’t be good enough, and at Dental Laboratory London it isn’t!

We encourage you to ask such questions as: What brand of zirconia is being used? Why? Is there good science and good clinical data behind this product?

The Biterite staff and I firmly believe that once dental professionals understand the differences in zirconia materials, it becomes much easier for them to choose the best material for their patients’ needs.

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