Let’s Talk About: Empress Ceramics

It’s no news to any of us —we here at Biterite and you dental professionals— that all-ceramic restorations are uncompromising aesthetic solutions, but let’s talk about the IPS Empress™ System.

empress ceramicsLaunched almost 20 years ago by Ivoclar Vivadent, long-term clinical experience with the system and more than 33 million fabricated restorations speak for themselves!

What Biterite would like you to know, if you don’t already, is that even teeth with extensive damage can be restored or optically enhanced with Empress all-ceramic crowns. And even if entire teeth are missing, they can be replaced with bridges made with this exceptionally strong, material that can be fabricated without a dark metal core or margin.

Today’s clinical/materials scientific literature speaks of Empress all-ceramic systems as suitable for crowns in anterior and some posterior applications. The literature describes other ceramic-specific parameters, such as fracture toughness and Weibull modulus. The Weibull modulus, as Biterite believes that you know, indicates the distribution of strength values, and a high Weibull modulus reflects is therefore very advantageous.

These requirements can be achieved by Dental Laboratory London using precise scanning and milling technologies coupled with our extensive knowledge of, and experience with zirconia ceramics. The result will be a more satisfying outcome for your patients and, of course, for your practice.

Whether you call us Dental Laboratory London or Biterite, you will always receive exemplary customer service and lab/surgery communication, fast turn-around and timely delivery as well as a 5 year guarantee on all of our work.

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