“Showing more teeth” – A case study of implant possibilities

Recently, while discussing implant treatment assessment and procedures, we looked at a problematic female patient.

Today, let’s look at a 45 year old man with a maxillary fixed partial denture which is failing. The patient expresses a desire to have a new prosthesis in the same manner as the original, but with “more teeth showing.”

A semi-professional singer, he is quite concerned about the aesthetic and phonetic outcome.

He will not tolerate a removable prosthesis, but wants a prosthetic design which closely simulates his natural teeth.

Diagnostic examination revealed that the four remaining maxillary teeth are salvageable and can be incorporated into the new prosthesis.
Although it was possible to construct a fixed partial denture on the remaining teeth, it was explained this was inadvisable with regard to long term prognosis, especially with increased tooth length.

Use of dental implants in conjunction with the remaining teeth was discussed. Available bone seemed adequate in the anterior region, but questionable in the posterior region due to the presence of large maxillary sinuses.

The mandibular fixed partial denture extends to the area of the second bicuspids, so molar occlusion was not necessary. All other factors were positive.
Implants in the anterior edentulous spaces, as well as in the posterior maxilla distal to the natural abutments were proposed. A prosthesis supported by natural abutments, as well as implant abutments, was ultimately chosen.

Contingencies and alternative treatments were discussed, and the patient elected to follow the proposed treatment plan.

The surgical phase proceeded with the placement of five implant fixtures. Six months after placement, all five implants were found to be integrated. The prosthodontic phase was completed over a three month period.

The patient was pleased with the appearance of longer teeth, and the resulting phonetics.

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