Take away the stats, and you’ve still got a winner with Lava

Staggering statistics aside, there are endless reasons to prescribe Lava™ Zirconia. Not the least of which is the explosive growth in patient demand for a crown or bridge with no metal in it.

Add that to the look when a patient sees beautiful Lava zirconia where a large amalgam once was and you’ll see the face of genuine satisfaction.

Lava zirconia takes cosmetic dentistry to a whole new level, exactly where many dentists are aiming to take their practice.

Biterite are more than equipped to help your lab take that step.

Your patients can experience the beauty of a digital Lava restoration that is more aesthetic than pressed ceramics.

And the digital precision of a Lava DVS full contour crown means that manual adjustments are minimized and fit is optimized.

Additionally, Lava zirconia is:

  • Available in a variety of shades and translucencies. You’re sure to receive a restoration that closely mirrors your patient’s natural aesthetics.
  • Indicated for both posterior and anterior restorations.
  • For use with conservative prep and conventional cementation.
  • Digital precision ensures consistent strength, minimal adjustments and optimized fit.

The strength of Lava™ DVS crowns makes them an ideal solution. Why? Our controlled CAD/CAM process and a strong zirconia core ensure Lava DVS restorations are strong and beautiful every time.

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