The impression is no longer the only communication tool – Dentistry in the digital age

Modern technology has changed the dentist-dental lab relationship

In the past I’ve used this blog to talk about the huge importance of dentist-patient communication.

As important as the patient-practitioner relationship is, the dentist-dental lab relationship is often overlooked.

Today I’m going to take a look at how modern technology can enhance communication between the dentist and the dental lab.

Until very recent advances in computers, digital cameras, and mobile phones, communication was more or less limited to in-person or landline telephone conversations.

Letters and other documents, as well as printed photographs, travelled by post or via fax machines. Now, nearly all communication, verbal and written, has gone digital.

Even in the very recent past, the largest amount of information flowing between a dentist and lab has been by way of the impression.

Now, digital impression systems provide the opportunity for better, more accurate, communication.

The resultant virtual model becomes a powerful communication tool, especially since it allows for the magnification of the image allowing scrutiny of detail not possible a traditional impression.

Complete and accurate information sent from the dentist to the lab can eliminate many questions or uncertainties.

After the scan and prescription are complete, the case is sent electronically to the lab. The dentist almost immediately has confirmation that the case ‘file’ has been received.

For labs with CAD software, like us, cases can easily be scanned and imported into the system.

We can now review cases electronically, and any issues or questions that used to take days being sent back and forth can quickly be resolved via a screen shot, email, or phone call.

If a challenge arises that requires lab-dentist consultation, it can be done online with everyone participating in the discussion.

Dental Laboratory London is committed to providing state of the art products and communications through highly-trained personnel and the latest innovations that technology has to offer.

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