“To say dental therapy was dramatically changed would be an understatement” – Implant implications

In the early 1980’s, Dr. P.I. Branemark and others introduced osseointegration and a predictable endosseous implant system.

To say dental therapy was dramatically changed would be an understatement.

Following Branemark’s introduction of a predictable implant system was a time during which the emergence of many other systems caused confusion and uncertainty among dental professionals.

The aftershocks of this period can still be felt today as practitioners involved in dental implants have become more wary in their prosthodontic goals and expectations.

In the early days of the Branemark system many patients were disappointed with the appearance and function of these hybrid prostheses.

Demand for alternative restorative forms stimulated the competitive nature of practitioners, technicians and manufacturers, and engendered new prosthetic designs.
On the market today there are no fewer than ten major endosseous implant systems as well as numerous clones of the major systems.

Some of the manufacturers’ claims with regard to the “advantages” of their particular system are ludicrous.

There can be no denying implants can make a major financial contribution to a dental practice but, it might be said for some years in the past endosseous dental implant treatment has been surgically driven, and not always in the best interests of the patients.

It is just not acceptable to promise unlimited success and happiness for all implant patients.

Happily, many dentists advertising their services as implant specialised dentists aren’t claiming an ability to produce a 100% success rate.

However, the exploding awareness for implants means this kind of vigilance must be kept in the future.

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