Zeal for zirconian endurance – a study on bridge placement

Zirconium dioxide is integral for quality restorations

In my last two articles on zirconia, I spoke of zirconia and the differences which may be found in the product from various manufacturers.

Today I’d like to share with you the results of a five-year clinical evaluation of 3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Crowns and Bridges.

Prof. P. Pospiech together with Dr. F. P. Nothdurft and Dr. P. R. Rountree from the University of Munich published their data at the Conference of the Pan European Federation of the IADR in Dublin, Ireland, not too long ago.

Thirty-one bridges were placed beginning in October, 2000. All abutment teeth were prepared for full crowns with a maximum 1.2 mm chamfer. Impressions were made with a polyether material (Impregum™ F Polyether from 3M ESPE).

All restorations were cemented conventionally with the glass-ionomer cement Ketac™ Cem from 3M ESPE. Recalls took place after one year, three years, and in March, 2006 after a five year observation period.

At each recall the fit of the restoration, occurrences of secondary caries, fracture, discoloration of the marginal gingiva, and allergic reactions were recorded. After five years, 15 bridges could be evaluated clinically.

  • The survival of six bridges could be confirmed by questioning patients by phone.
  • One bridge was lost for endodontic reasons after one year in service.
  • One patient wearing two bridges died after the three year recall.
  • Seven patients could not be recalled (the last recall examinations were conducted at the three year mark for these patients).

After five years, no failures were recorded. Slight chipping of veneering porcelain was seen in some cases but did not warrant repair or replacement. No allergenic reactions or negative influences on the marginal gingiva were observed.

The clinicians observed a high level of performance for Lava zirconia-based posterior bridges after five years of clinical service.

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