Zirconia full contour crowns (alternative to gold crowns)

New Product Launch!!

We are now able to offer full contour zirconia crowns, These may be used in situations were one might prescribe a gold crown. Zirconia has a similar wear factor as gold against  opposing teeth and can be made in the full range of Vita classic Shades A-D. However detailed shades where  translucency and other effect may be required are not possible to achieve,

These crowns are created by the digital scan and CNC mill process.

In a nutshell  they look better than gold does and they are just as strong + with 60% gold being priced at £20-25 per gram and an average weight of a gold crown is around 4 grams  plus the price of the crown that bring the cost of a gold crown to around £175-200, where as the full contour Zirconia crown is priced at £125.

Anyone got any thought on this??

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