We have always invested heavily in the technology and facilities required to ensure Biterite excels as a state of the art private dental laboratory.

This means that we operate a program of continuous upgrade and retraining with regard to the design and manufacturing technology we employ.

Most recently this has entailed the acquisition of hardware and software, and the significant commitment to training, needed to transition Biterite to a fully digital workflow.

Combining this commitment with our consistent use of the latest and most innovative materials and processes, the result is an output of superlative quality, tooth-borne and implant-borne crown and bridge work.

Our investment in digital workflow

Following careful consideration, we have installed a 3Shape E3 scanner in the lab.

This enables us to scan in and digitise models.

Having incorporated this into our workflow means that we have now been able to develop our Gold and Metal Department into an advanced Substructures Department.

We continue to wax up and cast certain substructures when required.

However, the use of our scanner and CAD software enables us to design substructures on screen, before sending these for precision manufacture by a facility carefully chosen from our panel of UK or EU based milling and printing partners.