This is an e.max case we completed in 2010, for Dr Richard Prais.

As the first photograph shows, the patient presented with a congenitally missing UL2 and UL4. A small slab of composite was acting as a space maintainer between UL3 and UL5, while both UR1 and UR3 were not ideally shaped and of varying size. In her own words, the patient wished to have “normal teeth”.

The ‘after’ image shows the results of the work at a 7 year review in 2017. This photograph is testament to the quality and longevity of our work and also the excellent clinical work carried out by Dr Prais.

Biterite’s role in the case

We completed a wax up, making a 3 unit bridge from UL5 to UL3. We turned UL3 into a UL2 and in the space created UL3 (pontic) and turned UL5 into a UL4 as a retainer. UR1,2,3 and 4 were then waxed up as veneers.

The wax up was presented to the patient, mocked up in the mouth and approved, following which we fabricated the veneers and bridge from IPS e.max, using a Lava Zirconia substructure.


“The patient was extremely happy with the result”, Dr Prais confirms. “As was I. And, as is shown by the second photo in this sequence, taken 7 years post-fit, the work is standing the test of time nicely.”