Atlantis Abutments

Atlantis individually designed abutments support cement- , screw- and attachment-retained solutions, on all major implant systems. They provide an excellent foundation for achieving the best possible function and aesthetics. We design each abutment individually, using Atlantis’s VAD software.  

Six Month Smiles: Part Two

Let’s Talk About: Six Month Smiles (continued) As promised, today at Dental Laboratory Biterite, let’s talk about Six Month Smiles® and how it differs from the traditional methodology. Most often performed by an orthodontist, traditional orthodontics seeks to achieve a …Continue Reading →

The Six Month Smile

Let’s Talk About: Six Month Smiles No, we do not mean a smile that lasts for half a year! What we at Dental Laboratory London/Biterite are speaking of is a modern twist on tried-and-true orthodontics. Today, let’s talk about Six …Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About: Empress Ceramics

It’s no news to any of us —we here at Biterite and you dental professionals— that all-ceramic restorations are uncompromising aesthetic solutions, but let’s talk about the IPS Empress™ System. Launched almost 20 years ago by Ivoclar Vivadent, long-term clinical …Continue Reading →

Dental Terminology Part 1

Some of us only speak English, while some are bi-lingual, others may even speak several languages. What we all have in common is the use of jargon, the terms and phrases unique to the dental profession. Another thing that many …Continue Reading →