Speaking in favour of early-loading implants:

When we speak of early loading protocol, it should be understood this refers to placement of a provisional or permanent restoration prior to the time of conventional loading but after the time considered immediate loading.

There have been a number of clinical studies on Astra Tech implants, with a follow-up range of one-five years, showing good clinical results with survival rates of almost 100% in early loading situations of single implants, and partial or full arch restorations —whether placed in maxilla or mandible— and located in anterior or posterior locations.

Published data from one-year studies have shown predictable results for implants placed in extraction sockets and early loaded.

Also reported, when using an early loading protocol, is high rates of patient satisfaction.

When immediate loading is spoken of, we understand it speaks to situations where implant placement and loading take place at the same visit or within 48 hours.

Immediate loading offers many potential advantages, like reduced number of surgical procedures and an aesthetic solution within 48 hours.

Clinical studies with the Astra Tech Implant System using a one-stage surgical protocol followed by immediate loading have shown safe, predictable results.

These studies covered implants placed in different regions and indications: i.e., mandible and maxilla; atrophic maxilla; single-tooth restorations; total fixed prostheses, and immediate installation in extraction sockets.

We offer a wide variety of implant solutions including cad/cam framework design and production from the ISUS system as well as custom zirconia and other abutments from Astra™ Atlantis™ system.

We can provide you with Atlantis CAD/CAM patient-specific abutments for all major implant systems with exemplary customer service and lab/surgery communication, fast turn-around and timely delivery as well as a 5 year guarantee on all of our work.

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