It’s particularly satisfying for us when our work helps to restore not only the dentistry and appearance, but also the personal confidence of a patient.

In this case our client, Dr Alistair Imam BDS, came to us for help in the treatment of a young female patient keen to address significant oral cosmetic issues before attending her graduation.

The patient knew that this event would place a good deal of attention on her, and her wish was to address her dental problems so as to be able to move forward with confidence about her smile and  appearance when speaking.

Dr Imam explains that both the canines and the central incisors where not of good shape, and that the patient wanted to improve the appearance and replace missing laterals.

This was a difficult case of space management and cosmetics, with young teeth that had a lot of character.

Biterite’s role in the case

We made up a diagnostic wax up and silicone matrix so that a temporary bridge could be fabricated, and impressions taken.

In consultation with Dr Imam, two 3M ESPE Lava Bridges #13,12,11 and #21,22,23 were agreed on.

Using our 3shape software, we scanned in the models and carried out the required design work.

Milling was then sent digitally to one of our preferred 3M ESPE milling centres.

IPS e.max ceram was then layered on to the framework to complete the bridges.


“The bridges had a lovely warmth that came across very naturally,” Dr Imam reports. “They had an immaculate fit with a lovely, delicate emergence replicating the patient’s original anatomy. The character of the original teeth was well reproduced. It was quite a hard act to match these teeth. Michael and his team at Biterite exceeded both the patient’s and my expectations. He made the whole procedure stress free. Communication on a delicate case was second to none. The patient has been back for reviews since, and they look even better every time.”

Our thanks to Alistair S Imam BDS, FDSRCS(Eng), DipImpDentRCS(Eng) Adv.Cert of Bluebell Dental Practice for his assistance in the preparation of this case study.