Using Dentsply’s Atlantis Scan Upload, we upload scans from Biterite to Atlantis’s milling centres, where they then manufacture Atlantis abutments and Atlantis frameworks (suprastructures) for us.

We scan in our model and upload the model data. Atlantis then design the abutments or frameworks and send the design back to us, digitally, for us to comment on the design and request adjustments.

This all happens in real time. Once we’re happy, we approve the design and Atlantis then manufacture the abutments or frameworks for us.

In every sense, it’s world class manufacturing!

Atlantis Abutments

Atlantis individually designed abutments support cement- , screw- and attachment-retained solutions, on all major implant systems. They provide an excellent foundation for best possible function and aesthetics.

Through the use of AtlantisVAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software, each abutment is individually designed.

Having us supply precision designed and manufactured Atlantis Abutments, provides you with complete peace of mind while allowing for increased efficiency and profitability in your practice.

Atlantis Frameworks

Atlantis Frameworks offer a full range of dental implant frameworks for fixed and removable dental implant prostheses and overdentures. Unlike cast frameworks, Atlantis frameworks are produced using Additive Manufacture, a similar process to SLM.

Atlantis Frameworks are produced using the latest developments in CAD/CAM technologies, and are supported by computer based industrial and medical device expertise.

They provide tension-free fit, are available for all major implant systems, and offer wide flexibility in therapy and design options.