While a number of companies produce Zirconia materials for dentistry use, from a technical perspective these are by no means all of similar quality. Although chemically similar, once processed they can exhibit different mechanical and optical characteristics.

3M™ ESPE™ Lava™ Frameworks are created by a uniquely stable production process that ensures excellent quality standards, resulting in the high homogeneity of the material.

Lava Zirconia work by Biterite

At Biterite, we believe that ESPE Lava™ restorations have one of the best looking natural translucencies obtainable, as well as exhibiting high strength in both the anterior and posterior regions, and giving a truly excellent marginal fit.

A unique, patented shading system ensures the colour and translucency of the patient’s teeth are imitated to the core using, and the absence of metal gives excellent biocompatibility.