We’re pleased to be able to share the views of some of the dentists who use Biterite to supply their lab work.

“Very, very happy. We have an absolutely fantastic relationship with the whole of the Biterite team. The work is absolutely fantastic, especially the castable porcelains. Prices are fair and the work turnaround is spot on.”

Dr Chen, The Brookmans Park Dental Practice

“Very professionsl. Biterite constantly produce a high level of work for us. The team at Biterite work very well and closely with us. We’ve been using e.max crown and onlays now for some time and our patients very much appreciate the high quality of the aesthetics that come back.”

Daniel Hopkins, Half Moon Dental Practice

“When you send work to Biterite you get reliability from beginning to end, from the fitting of the product to the running of the lab around the dentist. I would recommend Biterite for their professionalism in all aspects of technical work.”

Dr Lambros Stavrinoudis, Crouch Hall Dental Care

“I’ve been very happy with the quality of the work. I’ve had many laboratories throughout my career and I can honestly say I’m really happy now to have teamed up with Biterite to be providing the work for my patients.”

Dr Michael Falekkos, Highpoint Dental Care

“Biterite is a reliable, hard working and valuable asset to my practice. We do all sorts of dental work with them including restoration of dental implants, simple one-unit work and full mouth rehabilitations and smile makeovers.”

Richard Prais, Prais Dental Care

“I have a good relationship with Biterite. They’re the only lab I use for all my work. Especially their e.max work is fantastic. Always happy to help out. Always understanding. I’m very pleased with the work and look forward to a long relationship with them.”

Dr Rishi Shah, The Brookmans Park Dental Practice