Six Month Smiles: Part Two

Let’s Talk About: Six Month Smiles (continued)

As promised, today at Dental Laboratory Biterite, let’s talk about Six Month Smiles® and how it differs from the traditional methodology.

six month smile p2Most often performed by an orthodontist, traditional orthodontics seeks to achieve a ‘text book’ and ideal Class 1 finish. Usually this will include such significant changes as Angle class changes, transverse arch development and significant midline changes. These results can look fantastic but the treatment usually takes two years or more to achieve.

The Six Month Smiles short-term orthodontics system goals are vast in scope but not as comprehensive as most traditional orthodontic cases. The specific aim is to correct issues that deal with the patient’s chief orthodontic complaints; crowded, crooked, or spaced teeth for example. These complaints can often be easily corrected in about six months. The results speak for themselves and the patient satisfaction is tremendous.

“Really,” you ask, “orthodontic treatment can be done in only six months?”
Well, yes, it can. As an average treatment is complete in six months, though the window of treatment time is generally 4-9 months. There two primary reasons for these quite short treatment times:
Treatment goals are not exactly the same as those with conventional orthodontics since the most time consuming changes, such as altering Angle Class and making significant midline changes, are not part of short-term orthodontic treatment.
The unique, award winning, Six Month Smiles Brackets and Wires are specific for short-term orthodontic treatment goals.

We know that you have more questions, so next time, right here, let’s talk about how the Six Month Smiles System works

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