The most durable and most aesthetic all-ceramic restorations available today

Lava systems can offer your bridge and restoration work a new level of quality

Ideally, what you want for crowns and bridges is a system that does not require you to change preparation and/or impressioning methods. We simply can’t ask you to turn your practice upside down to accommodate our lab.

The optimal system would use supragingival preparations where less tooth structure is removed, as compared with porcelain fused to metal restorations.

In modern clinical and materials scientific literature, all-ceramic systems (e.g. Empress™ and In Ceram™) are seen as being very suitable for crowns in anterior, and some posterior, applications.

Anterior bridges are indicated, but posterior bridges may be suitable only as far back as the first premolar (e.g. Empress™ II).

Lava™ crowns and bridges have been developed utilizing the accumulated knowledge of previously available materials and systems, and newly developed state-of-the-art scanning and milling expertise to provide you and your patients with the most durable and aesthetic all-ceramic restorations available today.

Biterite, an approved Lava design centre, can fulfil your requirements using precise scanning and milling technologies coupled with accurate knowledge of the zirconia ceramics.

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