When it comes to implants, your patients only really care about one thing:

A face you might see while discussing implant materials and placement with a patient!

There has been much written about factors influencing the long term success of dental implants and the many variations in prosthodontic design and application. But patients don’t care about the number implant designs available.

They do not care whether implants are coated with hydroxyapatite, and nor do they care where the implants were manufactured, and possibly don’t care what the implant is made of, as long it’s durable and non-toxic.

What patients actually care about is the appearance, function, longevity and cost of implant supported prostheses.

There is great potential for patient disappointment when their dentist does not address these issues prior to initiating treatment.

A patient classification system can provide practitioners with information about the course of treatment and the expected outcomes and to arrive at a conclusion which indicates how difficult it will be to complete the final treatment plan.

Variations in individual patients and prosthetic designs indicate that experience and skill are mandatory for the dentists and technicians performing the prosthodontic phase of implant treatment.

Once you have established the complexity of the treatment plan, what follows is a discussion with the patient about whether the proposed treatment will approach their expectations.

The patient can then make an informed decision as to whether this treatment is desirable.

The initial patient examination, after determining the extent of edentulism, should always include dialogue regarding possible methods of tooth replacement.

A determination can then be made whether conventional dental prostheses or implant supported prostheses will be utilized.

While it is true that the closer implant retained prostheses approach the configuration of natural teeth, the more difficult they will be to produce. It is also true, however, that they are more likely to be accepted by the patient.

Your patients may not care about the variety of implant styles and materials available, but we know you do. We offer a huge range of solutions for implants. Get in touch for more information on our services.

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